E3 2009 Retrospective - Part 3 (Sony, Ubisoft, Misc.)
Sony tends to compete with Microsoft for first and had a lackluster showing last E3 in my opinion. Anyway, as of now, how did they actually do?

God of War III and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves were thought to be the must haves for any Playstation 3 owner and has proven to be just that. I have yet to pick it up or even try either but I have not heard one negative remark about either.

MAG was thought to be this epic game holding 256 players online which virtually lags free. I suspected this game to be a joke and have only had one positive remark about it despite talking to a rather large audience about this particular game. Overhyped, as expected. Likewise, the PSP Go! Was also overhyped and a fad at best. People still buy the PSP 3000 if my personal experience in sales shows general population trends. Additionally, Gran Turismo PSP gives no incentive for a system purchase [alone] and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will likely not either despite how awesome it does look.

Sony finally moved past the PSP (thank god) and had some Assassin’s Creed 2 footage. For me, this game was a flop as it maintained repetitiveness throughout but it was definitely better than AC1. Plus, this news wasn’t as impressive considering it was multiplatform.

Final Fantasy XIII was a major flop as some of my friends who are fans of the series claim it is extremely boring as it is linear and not a “true” Final Fantasy for lack of better words. I have no personal interest in Final Fantasy so this meant jack to me.

Playstation Move aka the interactive function being added to the PS3 had quite the showing at GDC 2010 and many look forward to the upcoming E3 such as the team over at IGN. I personally am not sold or even a fan but I do want to see if Sony can do anything special with it.

ModNation Racers… I was looking forward to it so much but I realize racing games are not must buys, even ModNation Racers or Gran Turismo 5 since there is a lack of distinction between them. I’m still considering ModNation Racers though, to be honest.

Lastly for Sony, Team ICO’s “The Last Guardian” also looks awesome and last E3 made it look awesome but we’ll wait for more news before I make any form of a decision.
Sony didn’t do much better than I said last year. Flaws stated last year ruined the conference as well as spamming of random trailers as the game announcements were few and far between. Similar to Sony, Ubisoft’s conference was not impressive. With only two standout games (Splinter Cell: Conviction and Assassin’s Creed 2), Ubisoft lacked the big bang necessary to please.

Perfect Dark: The game is essentially a perfect remake and still feels as awesome as ever. The only downside is many of my xbl friends didn’t buy it or haven’t even HEARD of the original Perfect Dark.

New Zelda Game: No news since, I’m guessing the next E3 will be showing off this awesome game.

Heavy Rain: The game came out better than I thought. One of the most engaging single player campaigns I’ve ever played yet and I’m still going through it. Phenomenal stuff from the developers…

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time: Exactly what I thought… Insomniac delivers yet again.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: I’ve never been huge into Battlefield but Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a game to be reckoned with. With actual support from the developers and a lack of balance issues, the game’s only letdown (if you can call it that) is the multiplayer games which last so long. This is hardly a letdown to yours truly (and many others). It is a must have first person shooter.

Batman: Arkham Asylum: Words cannot describe this game. I personally think this was the game of the year last year. It was the Batman experience I’ve wanted ever since I was a little kid. It was not only the experience I wanted but it was above and beyond. The single player is awesome, the boss battles are amazing, the Scarecrow scenes were among the best and most innovative “scenes” (for lack of a better word) I’ve ever played, I could go on forever… To keep a long story short, this is a must have. Period.

DJ Hero: An amazing new IP has hit the market and it is quite interesting to say the least. I have unfortunately not got my grubby hands on it yet but I do have intentions of adding it to the collection, hopefully when it gets cheaper in the not so distant future.

Bioshock 2: The game is awesome and Bioshock remains to be one of the best nextgen games to date. I’m quite happy looking forward to Bioshock 3.

Singularity: I was extremely pumped for this game but trailers released since last year fail to impress and the game looks like it came out of the PS1 days lately. What happened?

Crysis 2: I’ve heard nothing new since last E3 so no opinion change, obviously.

Tekken 6 / Army of Two: The 40th Day: Both were huge letdowns which I luckily did not purchase. Although they are apparently good games, I expected a lot more and they did not deliver.

Overall, the hype of last E3 seemed to make it have a surreal feeling and add the “it looks better than it actually is” feeling. However, that is not to say E3 disappointed. Many of the games which appeared at E3 2009 were not only awesome games at the end of the day but there were actually quite a few surprises. Last year, I gave Microsoft the “win” and I still do. Additionally, Sony cashed in a bit more than Nintendo (even on multiplatform games). The Microsoft > Sony > Nintendo line did not change in retrospect but the show was good for all 3 companies and most importantly, gamers.

Enigma out.

E3 2009 Retrospective - Part 2 (EA & Nintendo)
Next up, EA set the table for a bunch of games “to be excited for”. Let’s start with Dante’s Inferno. I ended up getting Dante’s Inferno from a 3 game trade-in deal at EB Games since one of my regular customers hyped it up. It is a hack and slash so it doesn’t outright suck but it’s pretty much a bad God of War as it lacks quality puzzles and the epicness which comes with God of War boss battles (both are tedious in Dante’s Inferno but are fun and entertaining in God of War). The game I found to be a rental (and a fairly decent rental, I admit) at best but I made it up by trading it in for 37.50 store credit (which I used for Alan Wake).

The girl games, Need for Speed: Shift, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2, Fight Night Round 4, NCAA ’10, EA Active, Grand Slam Tennis (complete with Pete Sampras showing up), and Brutal Legend all lived up to my expectations… a lack of expectation. Crysis 2, All Points Bulletin, and Star Wars: The Old Republic all have had no more news since E3 2009 so my impressions remain constant (ie. refer to E3 2009 Blog).

The last game EA discussed (not in chronological order) was The Saboteur and was sadly, one of the only positive surprises (this and Dante’s Inferno and Star Wars: The Old Republic). I only bought it recently (and for $20 at that) and it is very similar to Grand Theft Auto, just in France. It was definitely not worth $60 though.

If you didn’t notice, I was not exactly satisfied with EA’s conference at the time and I still am not happy with the content they put out. That being said, the three games I did get out of it were worth my purchase at the time and longings for the future.

Nintendo. Where do I start here? They tend to not have solid E3 presentations. Why? They fail to appeal to hardcore gamers who tend to be the majority if not the only people who view E3. They also fail to even appease gamers who have been with Nintendo since the NES or the SNES in most cases.

I had to note “in most cases” as the one exception thus far is what Nintendo started off with… New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The game is pure awesome and a simple Mario which is why it is so awesome. I can’t help but salivate over this game and the back to basics approach Nintendo took for this particular game.

Besides that, Wii Fit Plus, Red Steel 2, Mario & Luigi RPG, Golden Sun DS, the Vitality Sensor, The Conduit, Resident Evil, and Dead Space: Extraction are all forgettable showings by Nintendo from my perspective which covers almost every game or announcement.

Related to me, I bought my lovely girlfriend the new Kingdom Hearts for the DS and she loved it. Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was a Christmas present I got and I still haven’t (sadly) played it yet (don’t ask please). I’m sure it is terrific though as Zelda is Zelda (even when poorly done). Super Mario Galaxy 2 (“SMG2”) and Metroid: Other M look amazing. SMG2 looks to be beyond amazing upon its recent release (and I’ve sadly not purchased it yet) but Metroid remains unreleased.

Again, Nintendo didn’t show at E3 2009 excluding New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Metroid: Other M. It was quite a typical showing by Nintendo as they maintain their fails at E3 with yet another casual crowd pleasing snore war.

E3 2009 Retrospective - Part 1 (Microsoft)
Last year, I posted a post-E3 2009 reaction blog explaining the E3, how it works, and the major events involved as well as my personal reactions with respect to each of these. This blog is going to look back on last year’s E3, highlighting my current thoughts. Additionally, I will preview this year’s coming E3 2010 which will also have its own blog this year.

Microsoft stole the show last year as far as I am concerned and I’d imagine even the not so hardcore fanboys of Nintendo and Sony can agree that Microsoft easily trumped every detail in 2009’s E3. Now, that we have the majority of E3’s titles released and I have played most of them, does Microsoft still hold the candle or did Sony or Nintendo take their place as king of the E3 hill? Stay tunes.

Microsoft began their conference with The Beatles: Rock Band. Personally, I have not supported either the Guitar Hero or Rock Band series excluding Guitar Hero: Metallica (Can you blame me? It’s Metallica.) since the Guitar Hero III / Rock Band time period. Why? Well, plenty of reasons. For starters, they are being milked beyond comprehension… dare I need explain this point? Quick point… at the beginning, it was about quality and song choice. Now, it’s graphics and money. Additionally, song choice seems to plummet rather than get better which is the exact opposite, especially since they are gaining an increase in the amount of bands that are willing to let their songs be rocked out by the masses. Anyway, back to my “reply” to E3 2009. As expected, the game earned enough money but was a definite not buy for me. Nothing has changed.

Next up, Tony Hawk: Ride. Although I have no personal experience with the game itself, I loved previous Tony Hawk games such as Pro Skater 4, Underground, and Underground 2. Immediately after THUG2 (Tony Hawk’s Underground 2), the entire series went down the toilet. Low expectations were given to this game and from my personal sales experience, not many are buying it either. I’d love a THUG/THUG2 experience again. I guess my PS3’s PS2 playback option is as close as I’m going to get… oh well.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Where do I begin? I have over 13 days of gameplay into the multiplayer section alone and have beaten the majority of Spec Ops as well as the single player on Normal difficulty. To say the least, I have quite the knowledge of the game now (although it is still growing immensely) and have developed a solid opinion with proper evidence supporting such opinions. The game was a lot of fun (and still is, to an extent). The community (full of 12 year olds who have not had their ball sacks drop nor hit puberty and whine 24/7) ruins the game substantially. The perk combination of One Man Army and Danger Close mixed with Claymores and any Assault Rifle with a Noob Tube aka Grenade Launcher attachment results in a pure boring game with a freakish amount of camping and grenade launching action. On top of that, there is Commando which increases the lunge distance to an absurd distance… Care Package aka Box of Skill awarding bad players for a luckstreak of 4 kills with a Chopper Gunner or AC130… Care Package glitching allowing a continuous and potentially unlimited amount of Care Packages… Tactical Insertions [being used in Nuke Boosting… the Tactical Nuke itself ending awesome objective based games… Improper Gun Physics (ex. iron sights on a handful of games being incorrectly aligned)… etc. I could go on for centuries but I’ll stop there. The balance in the game is non-existent which is sad. A potentially amazing game is ruined tragically by the above reasons throughout the paragraph. As sad as it is to say, even despite all these problems, the game does have its fun games and possibly even hours or days. Like many other single player campaigns nowadays, the scale is “huge” or “epic” if you will. However, when it comes down to it, the single player is a joke and can be best described as a Michael Bay marathon. Spec Ops was a mode I frowned upon before trying it and many of the missions are stupid at best but some are total surprises of joy. The icing on the cake of Modern Warfare 2 is Infinity Ward’s lack of support. They have no problem making and implementing 1200 M$P map packs of 2 rehashed CoD4 maps as well as 3 new maps to further enhance their pockets but will not fix or patch important flaws within the game. I could easily write a 10 page essay on what is wrong with MW2 [and how to fix it] but I will stop ranting here… hopefully this rant has let you have an insight into my current opinion regardless of appealing back to E3 2009 events.

Epic Games made minimal waves at last E3 with Shadow Complex (which I have still yet to buy :() and instead made their “blockbuster” announcement on Jimmy Fallon’s night time talk show with respect to Gears of War 3, hitting a much smaller audience (and the wrong one in my opinion). I do plan on purchasing Shadow Complex in the not so distant future and I definitely am eagerly awaiting news on Gears of War 3. Epic Games almost always seems to deliver and I am hoping, potentially, for a new Unreal Tournament announcement soon… I doubt it but one can always dream, right?

JoyRide is something I haven’t seen anything about it since last E3 and I’d imagine it will be once again be on display this E3 as well but… my thoughts remain the same (obviously): not interested. Along those lines, Crackdown 2 has also done little to impress me since its E3 debut last year and I will continue to remain uninterested by this product.

Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2 was next and I remember being super excited. As expected, L4D2 did not disappoint and the new Special Infected or “bosses” are awesome. DLC has been released and I have purchased this DLC. I have yet to complete the campaign to my memory but the majority of it I did complete and it was a fun time indeed. Valve chalks up yet another win.

Almost equally impressive, Ubisoft actually released a good game recently… Splinter Cell: Conviction. The game is awesome and coop is refreshing. I am still learning and experiencing the game overall but the game has definitely enough appeal to keep one happy. Every X360 owner should have this in their library as stealth action is limited and this is easily the bread winner.

Bungie’s presence at E3 last year was awesome and ODST looked great at the time. The Reach beta invite seemed better than the game itself even with a lack of footage. Although this is true, this attributes to how pathetic ODST was. If anyone but Bungie made this game, I would accept it and think it is one of the better games of the year if not decade if not forever… but Bungie has set a reputation for making some of the best games out there and Halo is their specialty (obviously). ODST has come and gone and I did not enjoy it as much as I should have. The firefight/survival mode is a blast in numbers but a lack of matchmaking support ruins the entire multiplayer aspect of the game. The reach beta has also come and gone. On that note, the beta disappointed me. Sadly, this is mostly for the same reason as ODST, I expect better from Bungie.

Alan Wake has also come and I am eternally happy about it finally arriving. I was incredibly pumped for its arrival. The campaign, although I am slowly playing through and saving it for a later and happier day, is phenomenal. The game plays out like a well written novel and lacks dull moments. I even was scared once or twice through the first part of the game which is new to me, especially with respect to video games. The game is done on another level and (although I am savouring every minute) I cannot wait to finish this masterpiece.

All the upgrades to the Dashboard such as last.fm, Twitter, Facebook, and streaming of the HD movies are useless to me seeing as I never have or will use any of them on my Xbox. On that note, I only use Facebook out of those 4 options. Additionally, on a quick note, Natal and Metal Gear Rising which were the final two aspects of Microsoft’s conference will be discussed later in the blog.

Overall, Microsoft hasn’t had such a good showing when looking back. Their “best” game out as of the beginning of June is multi-platform and overrated *cough*callofdutymodernwarfare2*cough* (although the same can be said for Sony). Splinter Cell: Conviction, Left 4 Dead 2, and Alan Wake were huge successes (and obviously Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) but every other part of Microsoft’s conference (besides its presentation (for example: LACK of sales numbers)) which has hit store shelving was a disappointment at best.

General Life Update

Well, I have gotten my marks back. I passed, somehow. I did lose my honours status but I am more than ready for school in September… outside of financial preparation. I somehow need to scrape together $2,800 for school this coming semester. Hopefully, I can get a decent amount from OSAP ($1000-1500 please?). I’d really appreciate that considering the following paragraph and a predicted $1000 cost for textbooks.

On top of that, I want to get a Blackberry Tour. With a cost around $230 on a 3-year plan with Bell or Telus, that’s $230 or so for just the phone. Since I work for Wal-Mart, I’d get 50% off the core aspect of my contract (promo until Sept 30). For $65 (after tax), I’d get: 400 local anytime minutes, unlimited data/texting, call display, and a warranty that covers virtually everything (This is how it works… if my Blackberry gets stolen or destroyed, I can walk into a Bell store and get a new Tour for $230). That also includes any and all fees (system access fee and 911 fee). Unfortunately, a $35 activation fee is also required and is billed on the first month (which, for me, would probably end up being paid in September or the end of August). I need to start selling video games, badly.

I just had six days off before today (worked 12-8 today and worked 10 of the 12 beforehand). Most of which was spent in London visiting Finkle, Crazy Dave, Rogers and the crew. I met some really cool people down there at Finkle’s birthday party (a shitload of alcohol was consumed, to say the least). I have a bunch of new friends now. I’m excited.

Law and Order SVU is now on Season 9 in terms of released seasons. I am caught up and bought Season 9 for my sister (watched all but the last episode and I know what happens, hence why I don’t want to watch it as one of my favourite characters gets kicked out). House, M.D. Season 5 hits shelves August 25th. I will be there debit or credit card in hand and ready. I’m considering booking off the 25th and 26th.

Most of the video games from E3 that were tentatively dated for this holiday have been pushed back which is great for my wallet for the 2009 calendar year. However, they all got moved to March 2010. Ouch. I’m still stuck with Halo 3 ODST, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Left 4 Dead 2. I’m sure that’ll keep me busy. ;)

Speaking of spending money, I recently bought the new Daughtry CD entitled “Leave This Town”. It’s freaking awesome if you are a fan of light rock. I definitely recommend trying out “Ghost Of Me”. I think it’s one of my favourite songs of all time now. Daughtry rocks. On the gaming front, Microsoft Points I purchased over a month ago have now been spent on the Gears of War 2 All Fronts Pack which gave me over 10 multiplayer maps which I will horde (this is not a typo, pun intended) away on along with a deleted part of the campaign.  For only 1600 M$P (or just over $20 for common folk), I got a deal and a half. The content is great and the bang for my buck value is incredible from a personal point of view.

More updates to come soon, hopefully. As I leave you, I will part with just one gift... a Murphy’s Law statement: “If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid”.

Enigma out. 

E3+ Blog - Part One

E3 Introduction and Day One: Microsoft and Electronic Arts

Well, if you know me well enough, you are well aware that E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo (from now on, E3)) was this week as this is a HUGE event for me. Being an avid video game player, I pay attention to E3 more than anyone I know. First off, I followed IGN (www.ign.com) and G4’s coverage (www.g4tv.com).

In E3, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all have their shot at making their “presentation” of what games are going to come out for the rest of the annual year as well as start building on the next year’s release schedule. Throughout the event, one can run around the LACC (Los Angeles Convention Center) and play “E3 Demos” produced by publishers and made by the development teams. Most journalists (including online… or rather, especially online) cover most of the games available to play with interviews. Anyway, if you didn’t know what E3 is all about, you do know. Let’s begin…

First up on the list was Microsoft’s press conference… For this particular conference, I was at my buddy Matt’s house watching it on his Samsung 56” HDTV. It was sweet.

Anyway, Microsoft started out by showing off The Beatles Rock Band. They showed the opening video for the actual game, had the two remaining Beatles (Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr) on stage discussing the game, and showed some gameplay in a trailer which ended up stating 10 of the 45 songs in the game. It’s looking up to be just another Rock Band game to me and any other viewer. However, my friend Matt stated the progression in the opening video (how they started in a lower life style and proceeded into an army of fans, etc) which was reemphasized later in the presentation. Although I like this particular touch, I’m still not buying it. I’m sure many others will. The main concept behind opening up with the Beatles RB that I liked was they got me into it. They didn’t start with figures about how many millions upon millions upon billions of dollars they made. They started off with some gameplay, a trailer, and some upbeat music; a truly unique opening which was eye-catching and made me WANT to watch.

Next up, professional skater Tony Hawk came on-stage to talk about Tony Hawk Ride. He discussed what he thought of the game, how it plays, and showed off the skateboard-looking accessory for the game. On top of that, they showed a trailer of many pro skaters playing the game (for, allegedly, the first time). Overall, the game looks impressive but the trailer lacked any physical showing of the gamer’s feet which makes me a tad concerned. Also, with a rumoured price of $160 for just the accessory, I’m out. Even if that included the game, I’m still out. I do not even plan on buying the game for $60… unless it impresses the living daylights out of me.

From there, they truly took a step-up, moving up to Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2. Immediately following Tony Hawk’s final words on stage, Infinity Ward’s reveal trailer for MW2 was shown; an already seen trailer from the Eastern Conference Finals which still looked AWESOME. Anyway, two reps from Infinity Ward came on stage. One discussed the game and demo while the other played it. Although the trailer showed a decent amount of footage on this particular level, I’ll take what I can get. They demoed a level called Cliffhanger which takes place in a snow-covered mountain landscape. An extremely cool part was your character having to climb up the side of the icy mountain with ice picks using the triggers… amazing idea. Another part involves the two characters (the partner and his partner) sliding down the side of the mountain… Just the little things matter. Even the release date is cool… 11 10 09. I can’t wait. Just a quick note here… Modern Warfare 2, regardless of showing strong at Microsoft’s E3 press conference or not, is not a console exclusive and will also be available for the Playstation 3. Tango down.

Following Infinity Ward demoing their masterpiece, SquEnix (Square Enix) came on and demoed Final Fantasy 13 really quick and commented endlessly on how it would be coming to the 360. Although I never cared for most RPGs nor the Final Fantasy series, the demo looks cool… for their fans.

Next up, Epic Games’ Cliffy B came on stage. I was hoping… kinda… for a Gears of War 3 announcement. However, in replacement of a Gears 3 announcement, Shadow Complex (a xbox live arcade game) was announced. The game was stated to be a mix of Metroid and Castlevania which sounded awesome. The gameplay looks decent and the foam gun building a staircase is hilarious. Some smaller gameplay effects look pimp. However, I’m still unsure. I’m going to wait for more pictures and gameplay… Either way, it was a big surprise.

Following Shadow Complex’s announcement, JoyRide was announced. It looks like a bad racer which you can play for free and whatnot. However, you have to pay for additional tracks and whatnot. This definitely does not look a game I’ll be playing, even for free. Free does not always mean good, ladies and germs. Immediately following JoyRide’s trailer and short talk, a trailer for Crackdown 2 was shown. Nothing past the trailer was shown and therefore, I don’t have much to go off of. The main/only reason I bought [the original] Crackdown was because it came with the Halo 3 mulitplayer beta… just like 99% of the world. I’m unsure about this one as well but it was a pleasant surprise.

Arguably, the most exciting news of the conference [for me] came in a trailer-only form. There was a bunch of zombies all over the place… I thought it was Dead Rising 2. However, before Shadow Complex’s reveal, it was stated the remainder of the conference was Microsoft exclusive product… so I thought: Left 4 Dead 2. Was it too early? Could it be? I saw a Tank… one of the notorious Special Infected from Left 4 Dead. I also saw chainsaw action… a frying pan… and I was quite happy. Left 4 Dead 2, Nov 17… coming to Xbox 360 and PC. November is going to be freakin’ awesome. More on the L4D front later…

After that, an Ubisoft trailer graced the presence of millions everywhere, including yours truly. Knowing that it had to be an exclusive, an easy guess of Splinter Cell Conviction was proven right. Sam Fischer is back and he looks dominating… then, my dreams came true… two representatives from Ubisoft came on stage with one holding an Xbox 360 controller. I was happy. They demoed and talked about Conviction and how the game shows objectives in the environment and how they made the game a mini sandbox everywhere so the player had more control (to play it as an action game or a stealth game). The gameplay looks amazing and the sheer amount of detail from the developer looks retardedly (is that even a word?) amazing. A must have for any shooter, action, or stealth fan who happens to own a 360.

From Splinter Cell, Microsoft chose to present Forza Motorsport 3. The game looked awesome, had some custom content, and a TON of features. The game blew me away in a sense… until I saw a later racing game which I will discuss later in the blog… which shot Forza out of the water.

Joseph Staten (Bungie’s main representative at E3) hit the stage after Forza 3’s three stage presentation. Being a huge Halo fan, I’m always excited when Bungie has news. However, Bungie had HUGE news for this E3. Staten showed the world Halo ODST’s opening video as well as demoed part of the first and second (presumeably) missions in the game. On top of that, he announced a Horde-esque mode entitled Firefight which will come to ODST. Also, Staten revealed Bungie’s secret project in a trailer for Halo Reach, probably a prequel to Halo: CE. Halo ODST’s disc will contain an Extras menu containing a multiplayer beta for Halo Reach. I’m pumped already; yet another amazing piece of news from Microsoft. I cannot put into words how excited I am for the possibilities of ODST and Reach. Bungie has never really made a bad game so I’m super pumped, to say the least.

Staten left the stage, almost bringing a tear to my eye that I would not hear much extra from Bungie for the rest of the week, atleast that is big big new until a few moments later when a writer and a colleague from Remedy Games hit the stage. I knew the name of the dev but could not recall the reason for the life of me. A trailer showing a white male whose character is called Alan Wake started rolling and I knew immediately I was in for a treat; not only was a trailer shown but a demo followed it. The demo had narration, as if it were a story. Considering Alan Wake is based on Alan Wake’s character writing a book and the events of the book happening to his character, the narration makes sense. In addition to the narration making sense, it fits so perfectly and is a truly unique characteristic for a game to have. AWESOME. The gameplay looks terrific and crisp. The level of immersion was off the charts. I didn’t even hear any sounds during a large chunk of the demo and I wasn’t even playing the game. The game shares a feature with Splinter Cell Conviction too… the objective being shown within the environment… or rather, hinted at in the environment. Again, totally awesome. Although they ended the demo on a cliffhanger, which I usually am frustrated with, I will still extremely excited and was very content with the small glimpse of what is shaping up to be a phenomenal game.

Streaming of “full” HD movies [without waiting times], last.fm, Twitter, and Facebook all being integrated into the Xbox Dashboard was the next set of announcements. To be honest, I have a computer for Facebook. I do not use Twitter and I do not listen to the radio. It’s nice they are trying to expand on a great thing to make it [potentially] greater but after seeing two of the best demos I may see in my life, this news was less than exciting. I’d have to actually consider more of a mood ruiner than anything else.

 Back into the actual gaming world, Kojima, infamously known for his Metal Gear series graced an Xbox stage for the first time in his life (to my knowledge). He announced that Metal Gear Rising (or… Metal Gear 5, if you will) was indeed under production for the Xbox 360. The news failed to make me quite happy as I already own a PS3 and Metal Gear Solid 4. I am more of a Microsoft fan at this time (due to their game selection) than a Sony fan so Microsoft “stealing” a Sony exclusive is bitter sweet as I still support Sony to an extent. The trailer that followed the announcement was nothing short of amazing, as everyone expects from Kojima and crew.

The final component of the Microsoft conference was nicknamed “Project Natal”, for lack of better words. Basically, it is a motion sensor device that the Xbox uses (a camera) which has facial and voice recognition as well as allows one to use their entire body as the controller. The first “demo” (for lack of a better word) involved someone showing off how the camera reacted to his body, merely navigating the Dashboard. A mini game called Ricochet was followed suit. Ricochet can best be described as the Xbox Natal equivalent of Curve Ball. Next, they demoed the camera using a game which involved painting. The inspiration image was an elephant in a desert. I cannot begin to explain how creative this made Project Natal look. The demo person ended up using another person to make the “elephant”. Before you ask, no, it did not look dirty. Well, as dirty as you’d think. On top of that, Peter Molyneux, lead of Lionhead Studios (among other things) was involved in something called “Project Milo”. Project Milo used Project Natal to create a virtual being that recognized your voice, emotions, etc. named Milo. A small demo was shown of Milo to the world and I cannot really describe it other than the person within the demo drawing something on a paper, holding it in front of the camera, and Milo reaching up and “grabbing” a piece of paper from the top of the TV (camera was on top of the TV). Assuming it is not scripted, this feat is almost beyond human comprehension. If it is scripted, the result is understandable but very easily explained.

With that, Microsoft’s conference concluded but not without making what seems to be ground shattering news and a set of thrilling announcements about games being released within the next annual year before E3 2010 or shortly after that one.

Between Microsoft’s conference and EA’s conference, Matt and I hung out, discussed our nerdgasms (yes, I went there) and just generally chilled. The wait was not too long and was quite uneventful outside of heated discussions about what we just saw in front of our eyes mere minutes before. EA’s conference had so much potential and I was as excited as I could ever be about video games. I was expecting HUGE things out of EA. Let’s see how they did.

EA began their show with a trailer for their upcoming game Dante’s Inferno. Being raised a Roman Catholic and quite frankly not caring for any story involving the Devil or anything of that nature, Dante’s Inferno was quite unimpressive from my point of view. From there, EA went from a bunch of girl games that I quite frankly did not care about (no offense to any girl gamers out there), Need for Speed: Shift (another unimpressive racer considering what followed but it did look like NFS devs are listening to their older fans), Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 2 (don’t care for either), Fight Night Round 4, their new NCAA 10 game and the customization which will be involved with the title (looked awesome but needs to exist for all their games that are sports based), EA Active, and Grand Slam Tennis (complete with Pete Sampras showing up). From there, EA showed up… it only took them half an hour or so.

Next on their hit list was The Saboteur… only a trailer and a brief demo was shown for the game but it looks quite interesting. Nothing I’d immediately invest money into but it’s on my radar, to say the least… especially since it’s based in Paris and I’m French. It looks… different.

Immediately following The Saboteur was a game called Brutal Legends which has voice acting done by a slew of celebrities including Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Black. Even as a metal fan, I gotta ask the question: “Are you kidding me?”. I’m staying as far away as possible from the game, to be honest. I’m sure hardcore metal fans and not so educated gamers will be quick to throw their money after it.

EA got right back on top of things by showing off Crysis 2 using the Crytek 3 engine which was built for consoles. Graphically, Crysis is probably the best ever; getting a graphically beautiful game on a console that plays decently or better would be awesome.

Back to mediocrity, EA talked about their partnership with specific devs which included Valve. After being hopeful for Left 4 Dead 2, I was shocked to hear about All Points Bulletin (APB) which is made by a dev EA has recently made partners with and is a MMO… putting me to sleep (almost literally).

The final tidbit of EA’s conference was a trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, a MMO which will apparently have complete voice acting. The trailer made the game looking like an action game and had me pumped for a while… but the villain ended up “winning” and it was revealed to be an MMO which made me finish EA’s conference with a tad of a letdown. However, considering the entire conference was a letdown for me, outside of The Saboteur and Crysis 2, I was used to the disappointment.

With that and a tad more of E3 footage from G4, Day 1 of E3 ended for me. I saw two conferences from either spectrum: one which impressed the hell out of me (Microsoft, obviously) and one that bored the shit out of me (EA, obviously). With Sony and Nintendo coming up the next day, I was quite excited yet nervous, hoping that they would both live up to my expectations.

E3+ Blog - Part Two

E3 Day Two: Nintendo, Sony, and Ubisoft

For all of Day Two, I was at my own house watching E3 on satellite. Thanks, G4TV.

Nintendo was first up for Day 2 of E3. Unlike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo only had an hour to strut their stuff. Microsoft had over an hour and a half and Sony would have two hours later that day. Nintendo didn’t waste any time whatsoever unveiling their next Mario game: New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Immediately after its announcement, three players and the host began playing through a demo level of the game in a 4 player co-operative setting, an unheard of feature in Mario games. Other than that, it looks like nothing has really changed which is not exactly that exciting, outside of a scoring and ranking system of how the level went for each individual player. However, it marks the return of a more traditional Mario experience which is what I have been after since the Wii launched over a year ago.

Once that demo was complete, Wii Fit Plus was the next major Nintendo announcement. I am a 20 year old male. I probably do not need to speak more on this matter. Wii Sports Resort followed Wii Fit Plus and was demoed in multiple ways including archery and a 3 point contest (which I totally dig). Seeing as it was announced at last E3, this was relatively boring since it is “old” news. The game looks cool but I’m not going to give this game more than it deserves. Ubisoft’s Red Steel 2 got an honourable mention next. My guess for such a short main stage mention is because Ubisoft showed it later that night. However, neither of the two (as you will find out later) impressed me.

One of the higher ups of Nintendo came on stage to announce 3 DS games: Kingdom Hearts, a Mario & Luigi RPG, and Golden Sun DS. After each having their own trailer, Nintendo began to follow in EA’s trend and appeal to the females among us. Both sets of mentions were obviously not amazingly applicable for me and was quite boring considering the first announcement of the presentation. Between the woman appeal and a Vitality sensor that took 20 minutes to announce (in a 60 minute conference, mind you) which seems to not really matter, another honourable mention was given. This time, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for DS… not demoed at any E3 conference but in the booths. I wanted more news about this game but… a 20 second “we have this game” was all I got. Following the 20 minutes of blabbing and Vitality announcement, I really did not have much hope for Nintendo.

To end the show, Nintendo finished with five consecutive trailers: Super Mario Galaxy 2, The Conduit, Resident Evil, and Dead Space: Extraction, and Metroid: Other M. The middle three were known games from third party publishers and were to prove Nintendo had non-first party material. Nothing special for me, folks. However, Super Mario Galaxy 2 (SMG2) and Metroid: Other M were definitely bright spots in a dim conference. Both looked spectacular and SMG2 marks the return of Yoshi. Nintendo has announced Team Ninja (makers of games such as Dead or Alive 4 and the Ninja Gaiden series) will be helping out with the new Metroid. With that, Nintendo left the stage and preparations began for Sony whom would begin an hour later.

Nintendo never did anything to wow me in the hour they had to speak. They had four major announcements that I even cared for with one being an emphasis based out of last year’s E3 (in order of appearance: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Sports Resort, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Metroid: Other M). With recent news of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver being announced for a Fall 09 release date in Japan, I figured Nintendo would, if nothing else, mention their English versions existing (atm, heavily speculated rumors, especially since some technical requests have been made (copyrights, if I’m not mistake) for the English games). Nope, Nintendo did not drop the ball. I can almost guarantee this would have made Nintendo’s conference much better… for sure, for me and millions others. Nintendo has never been about the hardcore gamers which one would probably consider me fitting the stereotype to a near tee. Although I love me some good old Mario, Zelda, and Duck Hunt, E3 has never been Nintendo’s bag and they seem to always have subpar showings, if nothing else, compared to Microsoft and Sony. This year was no exception to that trend with both Sony (as you’ll find out) and Microsoft having MUCH stronger E3 presentations, even with three blockbuster announcements. They did better than I thought, I must admit. Not good enough, though.

Sony hit the floor not an hour after Nintendo left and had double the time to cover whatever they wanted to cover. Sony followed what I call an E3 tradition, bragging. With Microsoft and Nintendo not really talking about sales as much as past E3s, I’d imagine Sony would follow suit. They did but they still mentioned it as much as they could (same with Nintendo, mind you… Microsoft went out of their way to announce that sales were for smaller events and that they would ignore them for their on-stage time). After some minor bragging and a seemingly neverending montage, Sony’s host got started and began announcing the “bigger” games to hit the PS3 platform within a year (or so) with none other than Naughty Dog (yes, I had to say the publishers name here)’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves being the first demoed game. Both the trailer and demo were spectacular and Drake has never looked better. The demo involves a lot of vertical action and even involved vertical cover (very neat!). Drake dominated all of his enemies in true Drake manner: cover, pop out, shoot, repeat. Uncharted 2 shall ROCK.

Immediately after Naughty Dog’s departure, the host came out to announce the representative from Zipper Entertainment who would be demoing a game named MAG (short for Massive Action Game) which is reportedly hosting 256 players at once with no “apparent” lag. For a game that is so large scale considering today’s standards, the game was totally unimpressive to me. It’s probably because I expected large scale, entertaining battles when in reality, it appears to be a VERY slow paced shooter which… is not what I want… and I’d imagine MOST gamers that would pick up MAG want as well. The screen just never looked busy… I can name more than one 4v4 player game that looks busier at slow points.

With the next “secret” confirmed the day before, Sony’s “PSP Go!” announcement was definitely not as interesting as it could have and should have been. Outside of a new price tag of $250, Bluetooth capability, and a lack of UMD drive, the PSP did not really cause any real reaction from me (for better or worse). Sony did announce Media Go (software which helps control the PSP’s many specifications) as well as some partnerships with the likes of UFC, E, G4, and Showtime. Not bad considering but, again, with the secret revealed pre-E3 conference, the lack of “wow factor” was immense.

The next two reveals were Gran Turismo PSP and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP game as well). Again, for the same reason as the PSP, neither of the two were shocking either. However, at the end of the Peace Walker trailer, there are some amazingly hilarious events. I recommend watching it to the bitter end.

Sony decided to show 3 montages following the set of PSP announcements with each Sony platform (PSP and PS3) getting their own as well as Playstation Home (a crucial aspect of PSN) getting one. All of them were fairly lengthy and quite boring (especially Home’s montage). The real amusement of them was finding games I noticed, sadly. Time fillers, I’m guessing.

The demo which followed the three boring montages was Ubisoft’s sequel to money juggernaut: Assassin’s Creed 2. The demo was constructed specifically for E3 and is not part of the final game. Although this is somewhat disappointing as I enjoy early looks at great games, the demo was amazing. The game looks as if it removes repetitive mission structure as much as possible and seeks new and interesting adventures. Set in beautiful Italy, Assassin’s Creed 2 looks gorgeous and the area is amazing given the nature of AC games. With the ability to fly using a device and swim now, the development team has now increased the ways one can play the game and the potential for gameplay in general. AC was repetitive, every 30 minutes was the previous. However, with even slight changes, AC2 is shaping up to be quite amazing. A slight note here though… Sony’s best (debateable) showing at E3 was… a non-exclusive. Well, in a conference… since I have not yet talked about Heavy Rain (an exclusive that hardly gets any mention, if any, at the actual conference).

Sony continued its multiplatform onslaught with a SquEnix trailer of Final Fantasy 13. Nothing special seeing as there was no tremendous difference from the trailer they showed from what one has already seen about the game. However, SquEnix was not done making news at Sony’s conference. They announced Final Fantasy XIV (14 for those of us that cannot speak in Roman tongue… or rather, numeral) Online, a computer massive multiplayer online game. SquEnix has not stated whether or not it will be and/or remain a Sony “exclusive” (note: extremely loose wording here) but the announcement did come at Sony’s E3 press event and as far as everyone knows, thus far, it is indeed a Sony and computer title.

Next up on Sony’s agenda was their own version of “interactive” control. Two people came on stage, one holding a set of… awkward looking “remotes”. The two showed some interactivity between the remotes and an in-game action. It looked kind of neat but nothing amazing. I personally thought Microsoft’s was much more impressive due to the full body control and recognitions but Sony did show some really neat stuff here too.

With only four major announcements left and about 20 minutes, Sony was down to only exclusive titles. First up, ModNation Racers. When they introduced the game, they talked about the concept behind LittleBigPlanet: “Play. Create. Share.”. With a similar idea behind their now revealed racer, ModNation Racers looks to be incredible. At first, I thought the racing was kinda cheesy and the character customization was not worth the pickup. Shortly after, the map editor/creator was shown and I was suddenly thoroughly impressed in seconds. Much like Far Cry 2’s map editor, it looked so simple to use yet so effective. On top of this, you could test your race track without switching menus. Clearly, a lot of thought was put into this game and this game has single-handedly made Forza 3 look bad. I’m not even sure I want Gran Turismo 5 anymore…

Team ICO, the makers of Shadows of Colossus, was the next dev team to show off their latest masterpiece with the trailer of the third and final part of the series entitled “The Last Guardian”. This trailer was leaked some time ago as I recognized most of it but I never knew what it was about and what game is was for. It looks pretty cool but I’m not exactly a fan. Most will love this but I shall pass.

As mentioned two paragraphs up, Gran Turismo 5 did not seem too hot after ModNation Racers’ fantastic demo… until I saw the new Gran Turismo 5 trailer. It looked stunning. Every single detail was fantastic, just as expected. The only thing missing from the trailer was a cockpit view during a race. Other than that, perfection… looks like I will be buying more than one racing game.

With the confirmed presence of a Sony Santa Monica rep and no God of War mention whatsoever, I knew the last game would be God of War III. With no release date information, I expected a trailer and/or demo along with a release date attached. Sony Santa Monica delivered: they showed a demo and gave us a March 2010 tentative release period. The demo was fantastic. God of War III fails at disappointing. Every trailer, gameplay, or announcement involving the game just makes me that much more excited. Bring on March 2010.

After 2 hours, Sony is finally done. They did not waste much of their two hours but… I felt meh after their presentation. Sure, they showed off like… 5 must buys but for two hours worth of content, I feel that the montages and similar other nacks were quite undesirable. Why? Sony totally ignored demoing or having a trailer for Ratchet and Clank or Heavy Rain. In fact, Insomniac Games did not even grace Sony’s E3 stage when last year, Resistance 2 was considered one of the “bigger” showings of E3 for Sony.  Neither did the dev team for Heavy Rain. Two massive exclusives that didn’t even make the cut for a two hour presentation with time filling montages? Not impressed. Overall, Sony did put on a decent show.

Hours later, Ubisoft took the stage and blabbered for what seemed to be hours upon hours (realistically, 20 minutes) about their sales, their company, and more on shit gamers quite frankly don’t care about. Yes, I did not like the opening… if it isn’t obvious. Out of their entire conference, they showed off UPlay, an Avatar game/movie (didn’t pay attention, I was bored and don’t care about Avatar), some soccer game with some random celebrity I don’t know, a Red Steel 2 mention which was less than satisifying, the same demo for Splinter Cell Conviction as shown at Microsoft’s conference, more girly stuff, another Rabbid game, a trailer for a new TMNT game, and an Assassin’s Creed 2 trailer. Outside of the AC2 trailer, I didn’t care for the conference since I either didn’t care about the material or already seen it. I expected better, much better.

E3+ Blog - Part Three

E3 Days Three and Four: Missed Conferences

No coverage I found was showing Konami OR Square Enix’s conferences… not that I cared. After reading the blogs IGN had for each of their conferences, I didn’t miss anything I personally would have liked. The best news made at either conference was Kojima, the maker of the MGS series, is advising in the production of the new Castlevania game. Outside of that, notta.

 E3 Miscellaneous and Housekeeping

A Twitter (still don’t get the point of it) update from a higher up, Major Nelson, reports that Perfect Dark (a renowned first person shooter from the Nintendo 64) is making its way onto the Arcade portion of Xbox Live. I’m so pumped. Perfect Dark is quite possibly the main reason I enjoy FPSs to date. I still play it every now and then… I be one happy boy.

The president of Nintendo, Mr. Miyamoto, was obviously absent from the Nintendo press conference. Many believe it is because he was preparing for his roundtable for later that day where he revealed that a new Zelda game for the Wii is underway with Link being an adult. I am eagerly awaiting more details…

Heavy Rain. I really do not know where to start. Everything about this game points in the direction of me buying it. It’s unique, its story is focused on a serial killer known as the Origami Killer following 4 different characters to ultimately solve the case, and the gameplay seems to be… not revolutionary but… so DIFFERENT. Anyone that owns a Playstation 3 needs to go to IGN.com and look at their 14 or so minute interview discussing and watching Heavy Rain gameplay. Words cannot describe this masterpiece.

As mentioned within the Sony conference summary and thoughts, a non-existent Insomniac Games didn’t hit E3’s main stage but that doesn’t mean they didn’t show to E3 in general. Again, thanks to IGN.com for bringing me coverage the conference did not. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time looks AWESOME, especially the weapon that has a sonic boom-like effect with the little creature’s mouth. Release date please.

Unmentioned/unexpanded games that were at E3 (shown by IGN.com) but not shown at the main conferences that are non-exclusives include: Crysis 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Tekken 6, Batman: Arkum Asylum, Singularity, DJ Hero, Bioshock 2, and Army of Two: The 40th Day (or as “The Dead Pixel” (Machinima’s Inside Gaming host) delicately put it: Army of Two Two (shaddup, I thought it was hilarious)). Singularity looks like Bioshock with time replacing plasmids which I have to admit looks AWESOME; going to be on my list to watch until I buy it. DJ Hero looks like a non-Guitar Hero spinoff (ie. looks like it is its own game) and looks surprisingly super fun yet challenging. Arkum Asylum looks like the first Batman game in a while that is purchasable but I’ll still wait for a price drop before I buy it. Same applies to Crysis 2 and Tekken 6. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 looks awesome. Fully destructible environment? More classes? More Battlefield? I’m down. In fact, I’m still trying to learn how to play Battlefield games properly. Bioshock 2 looks straight badass especially considering it is going to have multiplayer. I’m PUMPED.

MLG Columbus

Right after E3, MLG Columbus began the day after. I’m a huge fan of Halo and MLG Columbus was the next stop on the Pro Circuit for games like Gears of War 2, World of Warcrack… err… Warcraft, and Halo 3. Long story short, MLG Columbus was a great finish to nerd week. Lots and lots of fun.


Not too long ago (between my last blog and this one), my 20th birthday happened (I feel older by the minute). Finkle and Crazy Dave showed up from London for 3 nights and 2 days. We played video games, hung out, ate pizza, and did more manly activities. Joker, my sister, and Franny all showed up some Mandarin goodness and the new X-Man movie about Wolverine. The Mandarin was amazing as per usual. I can almost taste the lemon chicken still. I had some TCBY at the theatre and it was also amazing. The Wolverine movie was solid. However, Sabertooth being his brother? Uh, no. Gambit and Deadpool were straight badass. Other than that, life has been fairly uneventful. More sleep, work, and sleep again. Some video games mixed up for extra goodness.

A Cold, Cold World
My life is better than most people. I realize this, am grateful for it, and wish everyone else, if nothing else, a life equivalent in nature to mine. However, on days like this, I realize that my life is far from perfect and even though I value each day as much as possible, I should even value them more. Although I doubt anyone reads this (aside from maybe Finkle), you should too.

My grandmother was hospitalized today and has a high chance of having colon cancer. If she does have it, it will be her 5th encounter with cancer. She has had skin cancer three times before as well as breast cancer. She is legally blind and a diabetic. With all this, she happily did dishes (voluntarily, of course) not even 3 days ago. My grandmother is a fighter, always has been and always will be. However, cancer has totally crippled her. She used to be quite energenic. She had to be to have 11 kids. I am the 2nd child of the 11th kid... if it matters. Anyway, assuming she does have cancer (very likely), she will be refusing the treatment and technically, her days are numbered (assuming she has cancer... which again... its quite a valid assumption). At 87 years old, she can no longer be the person she was decades ago. I realize this, understand it, and even have come to bear with it. To understand me, you have to know what happened to my grandfather.

I visited my grandfather (her former husband) once in the hospital. Regardless of my age at the time (under 10), I will always blame myself for his death. I am quite an intelligent person in many aspects but I will never get over it. Ever. I hate myself for not visiting him 24/7. Instead of visiting my grandpa, my dad took me and my sister to a place downtown for pizza.... called Charles' Pizza (funny since it's on Charles St., I guess?). I was stuffing myself, claiming pizza eating records and enjoying myself.... Meanwhile, my grandfather was laying in a hospital bed dying. He died the next morning. I did visit him the night before, for only a few minutes.... I'd give anything in the world to relive those minutes knowing what I know now.

I will not be making the same mistake twice. I plan on visiting my grandma, if worse case happens or not, more than once. 

Regardless of what happens, I am going to make her proud. I am going to dominate everything I face in life, work as hard as I can, and make something of myself. I have so many heroes in my life... and I have my grandma to thank for many of them. I will not be disappointing any of them.

The [Possible] Future of Yours Truly
Kin 160 - Ergonomics in Industry
Kin 255 - Introduction to Psychmotor Behaviour
Chem 120 - Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter
Biol 130 - Introduction to Cell Biology
Phys 111 - Physics 1
Kin 100 - Human Anatomy: Trunk and Limbs
Kin 101 - Biophysical Evaluation Lab
Biol 273 - Human Physiology 1
Soc 101 - Introduction to Sociology
Psych 101 - Introduction to Psychology

Completed (awaiting marks for confirmation)

Kin 105 - Cardiovascular and Respiratory Responses to Exercise
Kin 121 - Biomechanics of Human Activity
Kin 217 - Human Biochemistry
Kin 354 - Social Psychology and Physical Activity
Math 124 - Calculus and Vector Algebra for Kinesiology
Starts Sept '09
Kin 205 - Muscle Physiology in Exercise and Work
Kin 221 - Advanced Biomechanics of Human Movement
Kin 222 - Statistical Techniques Applied to Kinesiology
Kin 250 - Sociology of Physical Activity
Biol 140 - Fundamnetals of Microbiology
Biol 140L - Microbiology Labratory
Kin 346 - Human Nutrition
? - ? x4
Kin 330 - Research Design
Biol 241 - Introduction to Applied Microbiology
Biol 139 - Genetics
? - ? x2
Kin 470 - Seminar in Kinesiology
Biol 330 - Molecular Biology
? - ? x3
Biol 441 - Immunology
Biol 442 - Virology
? - ? x3

Within these twelve spots, I have to fit 5 more "free electives" (I can take any course I want in any subject I want) as well as my entire 7 Kin electives that are mandatory towards my degree (Major in Honours Kinesiology). Since I am minoring in Biology (if that isn't obvious), I have to have 10 Biology courses taken or rather.... 5 Biology "units". The 7 already indicated and another I am about to list, I will be up to 4.0 / 5.0. With a lab in Microbiology and a probable lab in other classes, I will accumulate a 5.0 in Biology and therefore fit the requirement for the Biology minor. I may have to take an additional Biology in a potential 5A semester to conclude it but that's about it. On top of this, I plan on applying to medical school and write my MCAT which will require Chemistry classes... I may have to take those as well. We'll see how the future pans out. Regardless, here are my other planned courses: 

5 Free Electives:
Biol 373 - Principles of Human Physiology 2 [Lec] 
Hlth 341 - Disease Process [Lec] 
Kin 446 - Physiological and Biochemical Aspects of Nutrition and Health [Lec] 
Psych 253 - Social Psychology [Lec] 
? - ?
7 Kin Electives:
Kin 210 - Growth, Development and Aging [Lec]
Kin 242 - Introduction to Movement Disorders [Lec, Lab] 
Kin 301 - Human Anatomy of the Central Nervous System [Lec, Lab] 
Kin 402 - Microgravity, Hypo- and Hyperbaric Physiology [Lec]
Kin 406 - Skeletal Muscle Aging and Disease [Lec] 
Kin 415 - Clinical Neurophysiology: Fundamentals for Rehabilitation of Human Movement [Lec, Lab] 
Kin 429 - Bone and Joint Health [Lec] 

Considering (to fill 5th Free Elective): 
Hist 223 - The Holocaust in History [Dis, Lec] 
Kin 340 - Injuries in Work and Sport [Lec] 
If my Psych 101 prof does not teach the block of Psych 253 I plan on taking, I will be dropping it in exchange for another free elective of my choosing. Mind you, this is all my big plan from today's point of view.

Anyway, I am now done all my exams for the semester and I'm pretty sure I did okay. Since then, I have worked 3 shifts and have had 2 days off (if you include today). I have another 2 more days off and I work 3 more days in a row after that. My birthday is coming up soon and Finkle as well as Crazy Dave plan on coming down as mentioned previously. With the parents' verdict weighing in, all we need is confirmation for Crazy Dave and we're smooth sailin'. It shall be awesome. Played some Halo last night and "graped" the nubs.... got Running Riot medals in 3 straight games, dominated 1v1 and 4 person FFA Octagon battles, and straight up demolished. Today, I didn't do much besides watch Law and Order and catch up on some well deserved sleep... just what the doctor ordered.

 Anywho, this ends the longest blog I've ever written and probably ever will write. I hope those non-existent readers which are now at the end of reading this blog enjoyed.

Until next time,

Enigma out.

In with the old, out with the new...
 It's been a while since I last blogged, Christmas basically... almost a whole 4 months now. A recent blog by Finkle recalling his plan for the next years of his [university] life has caused me to post this blog. I will be blogging my university schedule in the next blog (which will be soon), regardless if no one reads this or not. 

Anyway, nothing huge has happened since Christmas. Trust me. I have completed, basically, an entire semester of University since but other than that, nothing new. I am currently done 3 of my 6 exams for the year and have one on Monday (Sociology) and my last two being on Wednesday (Human Physiology) and Thursday (Biophysical Evaluation) respectively. I'm supposed to be studying Sociology at the moment but it's boring as hell, to be honest. No offense if you enjoy Sociology.

Other than University, I've worked at Wallyland throughout which encompasses my Friday nights, Saturday mornings (usually), and Sunday mornings (again, usually). Whenever I get the chance, I play some video games. Still into Halo, haven't touched Gears much lately, LOVING Resident Evil 5 and just bought Street Fighter so I can get dominated by Finkle. Haduken.

I went to Finkle's house during reading week for a couple days. It was mad fun. Crazy Dave came over as well. Good times. We are currently attempting to get him to come to my place for a couple of days to chillizle and the like, attempting to get Juice and Joker together for that one as well.

I'm back on my 4 AM bedtime, 4 PM wakeup schedule... school allowing again. That and I have not worked for almost 2 weeks (thank you, Lord). I got a nice profit sharing check of over half a grand which will help me pay off mommy due to me owing her for schooling payments (thanks Wallyland). 

Anywho, I'm done for the time being. Going to probably watch some Everybody Loves Raymond or Law and Order and catch some zees. Sociology can wait until tomorrow.

Enigma out.


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